Basye Document Examination

Sandra Basye using a Steero Microscope


Sandra S Basye
Forensic Document Examiner




Sandra Basye specializes in Document Examination in California and Arizona. Verbal Opinion for $250.00. She is also able to take on cases Nationwide. Sandra is a Court Qualified Forensic Document Examiner. Specializing in Forgery, Fraud, Handwriting Authentication, Altered Documents, Identity Theft. She is a member of NADE  "National Association of Document Examiners" and has a certificate of completion from AIAS, the American Institution of Applied Science


Providing services related to:

Forgery detection
Identity theft
Disputed wills
Altered documents
Questioned signatures on wills, checks, deeds, ledgers, medical records
Suspect documents
Anonymous letters
Typewriter identification
Signature verification

Additional Information:

Professional service in a timely manner
No charge for 1/2 hour initial consultation

Contact:    Phone: 909-725-1692

Email: basyefde @